OUR PARISH PROFILE & MAP (Mission Action Plan)

Parish Profile and MAP - St Clement with St Peter Dulwich June 2017.pdf


In November 1986 the two parishes of St.Peter and St.Clement were united to form the new parish of St Clement with St Peter.   Both congregations continued to worship in their respective buildings until March 1996 until when no longer able to use St. Peter's church both congregations came together under the roof of St.Clement's.


st peters.jpg  In the 1850's the parish of St. Giles, Camberwell extended to where the Crystal Palace once stood.   At that time there was a great influx of residents into the area and the parishes of St. John, East Dulwich and St. Peter, Dulwich Common were formed out of the parish of St. Giles in 1865 and 1867 respectively. After using a temporary building for a few years, St. Peter's church was built in 1874.

The picture of the inside of St.Peter's Church is from a watercolour dated 1874



old st clements.jpg

St. Clement's was started in the 1870's by members of St. John's, East Dulwich as a mission church in Hindmans Road. It became a separate parish in 1883 when the first Vicar was appointed, and by 1885 a large new church had been built.  That church was destroyed by enemy action in 1940, and after the war the present St. Clement's was built.   It was consecrated in September 1957.




The building is of modern design on a slightly elevated and generally rectangular site with a separate prefabricated church hall at the rear (west end).   There is a tower and two storey galleried area at the west end (main entrance) and single storey ancillary accommodation with chapel, wrapped around the east end. The church itself has a nave with aisles and is of pointed arched, or "keel" shaped section.


Above the altar in the east wall is one of the earliest examples of coloured glass and concrete design.


The chapel is a very intimate and sunlit space with windows of stained glass in leaded lights set into metal casements.