“I was baptised in September 1988 at St Basil's and All Saints Church Widnes and this marked the start of my faith. I received First Communion in the summer of 1997. After continuing to explore my faith through a degree in Theology I moved to London and started attending St Clement's with St Peter's in February 2012.
I like its inclusive nature and the importance that is placed on the Eucharist in worship. After careful consideration, I decided to put myself forward for confirmation this year.” 

“Born into a catholic family, I was baptised and took Holy Communion at a young age. Weather prevented me attending my confirmation, but I baulked at re-arranging for the sacrament when the church/school only discussed the meaning after the initial confirmations had taken place. I have felt a distance from the Catholic church for many years. With the birth of my daughter, I had to address my faith. St Clement with St Peter not only gave me a place to worship with the seriousness I needed, but was also very inclusive and welcoming to my family. My wife was confirmed a couple of years ago, my daughter took Communion last week, and in a way we are taking this journey together as a family - very much through the community of this church.” 

“I live in East Dulwich with my husband and 2 girls. We started regularly going to St Clements in 2010 when the girls were little.  They got baptised that year and because the vicar and congregation were so welcoming and friendly we carried on going to this church. It has become for me a place when I can, during a hectic week where I can focus, think and digest!  The children are still young and go to Sunday school but even attending with them and teaching occasionally forces me to take a look at myself and how my actions can affect others.  For me being a Christian is all about the 11th commandment, love one another, if I can take that on board through my life and my children can grow up with that mind set, I am happy. I don't think I would feel so strongly about going to church, if it wasn't for St Clements! The vicar is a normal working woman with a family and it is easy to connect to her and the church has a nice community feel as the congregation are so welcoming.” 

“Why I came to St Clement's: I was raised in a Christian home. I was attending another Christian denomination but was drawn to the parish by the Holy Spirit. I particularly like the hymns sung on a Sunday and participating in The Lord's Supper. I always feel blessed and spiritually refreshed when I leave St Clement's with St Peter's Dulwich. It's a lovely