Please remember in your prayers :

The Diocese and the Parish : Bishop Christopher, Bishop Karowei, our Archdeacon Canon Jane Steen, the Dulwich Deanery and Susan our Area Dean, for Cécile and our Parish and our Churchwardens Penny, Brian & Win.

The Sick & Home Communicants : Pauline & Cedric Aldren, Doreen Barlow,  Ted Budge, Frank Chaillon, Beryl DeFlorimonte,         Alison Foster, Clifford Francis, Diana & Harry Hart, William Inkumsah, Susan Khan,  Mark Leech,  Hugo Maciewski,  Jennifer Morrow, Jane Packman, Clare Petherick, Harry & Octavia Pusey, Ryan,  Paul Simmons  and all others known to us.

For all those recently departed and those whose anniversary of death falls at this time. 

Neville DeFlorimonte,  Joy Packman

May they rest in peace and rise in glory.